Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Once upon time, on a cold winter's day, a queen sat and made clothes for her body. She wanted to have a little girl. ''My little girl will be very beautiful. She will have skin as white as snow, hair as black as trees in  winter, and cheeks as red  as blood.'' thought queen.

The little girl was born. She was beautiful and the queen called her Snow White. But when the princess was 2 years old, the queen was very ill and died.

After a few years, Snow White's father, the king married again. The new queen thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the country. Every day she stood in front of her magic mirror and asked : ''mirror, mirror on the wall, who is that most  beautiful of all ?'' The mirror always answered : ''you are, queen.''

But one day, when she asked this question, the mirror said that Snow White was more beautiful than the queen. The queen was jealous. She told a Huntsman to take Snoow White into the forest and kill her. But the huntsman couldn't do it. He told Snow White to run away. So she ran to the dwarfs' house. She lived there with seven little dwarfs, and they were kind to her. Every morning the dwarfs went out to work. They told her, ''Be careful, Snow White. The queen is very dangerous woman. She must not know that you are here. Don't leave the house and don't open the door to anyone.''

One day, the queen asked her magic mirror who was the most beautiful women of all. It said, ''Snow White is more beautiful than you.'' The queen was angry. The queen dressed as an old women and went to the dwarfs' house with a basket of ribbons. She tied the ribbons very tightly and Snow White fell on the floor. In the evening, the dwarft found Snow White and quickly untied the ribbons.

The queen asked the mirror who was the most beautifull of all. The mirror answered that Snow White was still alive. She was angry again, so the queen dressed another old woman and took a basket of poisoned combs to the dwarfs' house. She stuck a poisoned comb into snow white's head and she fell to the floor. In the evening, the dwarfs found Snow White. The quickly took the comb out of her head.

The queen asked the mirror who was the most beautiful of all. The mirror's answer that Snow White still the most beautiful. She was very angry. This time, she went back to the house and dressed as farmer's wife with a poisoned apple. It was the poisoned half, and when Snow White put the apple in her mouth, she fell to the floor. The evening the dwarfs could not wake her. They thought she was dead. The put her in a glass box and took her to the mountain.

One day, a prince saw Snow White and fell in love with her. The dwarfs began to carry the box down the mountain, but it fell and the piece of apple came out of Snow White's mouth.

The prince and Snow White were married. The jealous queen ran away. In time, Snow White and the prince had seven children. And they all lives happily ever after.


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    1. like the snow white too much...thanks been here friend :D

  2. Pokoknya, aku benci sama si Kristen Stewart.
    Dah mangkel sama dia. Ga mo nonton, kecuali kalo dibayar :D

    1. wehehehe huh loe pit,nonton sana tak bayar 10ribu :P NGEK NGOKKK :D

  3. cerita yg bagus....
    follow back ya...

  4. Kunjungan perdana,salam kenal.
    Nice blog,i like this!


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